My most unforgettable birthday was my 20th.
I endured more than 31 hours of labor! Now you tell me why it won’t qualify to be on top of my list hehe.
Kidding aside, it is indeed my most unforgettable birthday because it was the beginning of my journey as a mom. I gave birth to my first child and it felt like he was not just a blessing but also a perfect birthday gift from God. After a few more years, I had another little boy and an answered prayer baby girl.

Motherhood came to me earlier than I (and everyone else) had ever thought of – unexpected, unplanned, but never unwanted. Though I have imagined myself and set my very own ideals of how I would want to be as a mom, I DID NOT HAVE A CLUE OF WHAT WAS GOING TO DO OR HAPPEN NEXT! My children came without an instruction manual and I had to learn everything all by myself, plus a bit of tips and help from others.

I am mommy Aubrey and this site is about the journey, challenges, struggles, wins, and stories of me being a full time mom of three and my trials of keeping up a happy home. I want to create posts that typical moms like me can relate to, most especially Filipina moms who are on the same boat as I am. Through this, hopefully I can also be of help to first time moms so they can have an insight of the life they are about to begin.

Many thanks for stopping by and joining me as I record my stay-at-home-wife life and fulfilling my dream of raising happy kids. Here’s to motherhood and its simple joys!

Mommy Aubrey and the baby As