Cloth Diaper Awareness

I was notified of my previous posts in Facebook thru its On This Day feature, and I saw what I posted 4 years ago. This was my entry for an online contest in a cloth nappying group to raise awareness in using cloth diapers as a better and cheaper alternative to disposable diapers.

Sadly, I was not the winner of the said event haha, but I am happy to have done my part in sharing the goodness of cloth diapers with my friends. Back then, only a few moms know about cloth diapering, and mostly were because they were not informed or they were not interested at all. Looking back at the original post, I only had 28 appreciations and I don’t even know if those 28 people even had the time to read what my post was about. But now, I have noticed that a lot more moms are very much open about the idea of using cloth diapers for their little one plus there are also cheaper cloth diapers being sold today. Not only because of the very addictive prints, cloth diapers are a hit because of its value for money. Compared with an inexpensive Php5 disposable diaper, a Php200 cloth diaper is waaay much cheaper in the long run. I would like to tell more about my cloth diapering journey but I am stuck with a ton of weekend household chores that needs to be done. As of now, here is an insight and maybe a little bit of an eye opener to disposable diapering moms on WHY CLOTH DIAPERS 🙂

*This post is intended to inform and influence, but never my intention to push disposable diapering moms to use cloth diapers, offend, and/or shame them. Each mom has their own way of raising their kids in a way they want, and there are reasons to each person’s choices or preference.


My second child who was 18 months in the photo, covering my eyes as I held a pack of disposable diapers in a supermarket. Wala akong galit sa Pampers ‘kay? Sadyang yon ang nadampot ko at mabilisan ang photoshoot na yan kasi bawal 😛

An open letter to all the future moms and moms out there like me who love their little ones:

Dear Mommy,
Do you wonder where those disposable diapers go after your little ones use them? That when you buy a 52-piece pack of quality disposable diapers, you actually buy 52 pieces of quality garbage? Yes, that’s right! You see, everything in the package and on this whole grocery display aisle of diapers goes to waste. Regardless of its “breathable stay dry”, “adjustable magic tapes”, “rash prevention”, “aloe lotion”, “4 layers gel”, and all the other things they would want you to believe, whether it’s the most expensive brand or the cheapest, it’s junk. It also doesn’t matter if it claims to be the highest quality or the most popular brand of disposable diaper – in the end, they all go and stay at the dump. By saying that they stay, I mean that they really stay there for a long period of time. So long that maybe even your kid’s great grandchildren can still see it and it’s not yet even decomposing! Imagine that future environment where your kids will be living. I’m not over reacting Mommy; I’m just sharing with you a fact.
That large size, 52-piece pack of disposable diaper that I am holding costs about the same as the reusable cloth diaper that my 18 month old son is wearing plus the laundry soap and water expense that it will incur when washed for ten times. 52 pieces of disposables can last for 10-12 days, while my son has that cloth diaper for a year now, and he’d still be using it up to his 3rd year or as long as it still fits. So you see, I’ve only spent once and it didn’t go to waste. Before, I thought that the drier the disposable diaper feels after my baby used it, the better. But I know now that the drier the disposable diaper, the more chemicals it contain. With cloth diapers, my son is not exposed to those harmful chemicals. I have mentioned the benefit of cloth diapers to our environment since it imposes less waste. In our country where floods are extensive and causes damage to others, it may be best to do our own share of helping the community by minimizing our garbage that contributes to flooding.
Being moms of this new generation, we have all the convenience and resources to survive the world of parenthood. We also give importance to functionality, practicality, and value for our money. Let us all be open to a better change and choice that will be beneficial our little ones and the environment as well. Cloth diapers are not only about saving money, but also about thinking for your child’s future by contributing to a healthy environment that he will live and grow by.
Consider my advice, Mommy. Make a smart decision. Switch to cloth diapers now for a happy baby, less waste, and a thankful Mother Earth. I won’t get tired of spreading the love and goodness of cloth diapers.

April Aubrey Angeles-Villanueva
Mother and Proud Cloth Diaper Advocate


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